Active Personnel Report

An interactive report showing users' personal information, accounts and role membership. Includes audit trail and point-in-time inspection.

Role Matrix Report

View role members in relation to their job position, search for anomalies and define business roles easier.

Role membership Report

View role members with infinite nesting support. Includes full audit trail of membership changes together with request/approval information.

Attestation report

View role attestation information, including membership changes as a result of the attestation survey results.

Shows history of changes to a user

View users, their accounts, roles and complete audit trail of changes. Click on any date in report to view point-in-time data.


Key features

  • View accounts from all connected systems
  • Customizable employee details section
  • Inspect role membership in the past with one click
  • Designed for auditors

A simplified role mining tool

Matrix report displays user role membership in relation to their job position and organization unit. It helps you identify roles that are common for a set of users that can be then grouped together.


Key features

  • Detect role membership anomalies
  • Minimize number of required roles in the system
  • Identify roles that can be assigned automatically based on job position and organization unit
  • Designed for auditors and IT system owners

View expanded membership from nested child groups for a broader view.

Role membership report also includes role changes history together with a complete membership audit trail.


Key features

  • Recursive role membership view
  • Drill-down reports for inherited roles and members
  • Point in time membership view
  • Designed for auditors and IT system owners

Identify roles that haven't been attested recently

Attestation report will display a summary of attestation processes, either active or completed. Use this report to keep track of which role memberships need to be checked, what actions were taken based on the last survey and why.


Key features

  • View past and active attestations
  • Check when role membership was last attested and by who
  • See which members were removed and why

Why choose IAM Reports?

After deploying many IAM solutions based on microsoft FIM/MIM platform for our clients, we identified the need for an easy-to-setup and lightweight reporting solution that provides the right information our clients need for compliance reviews and auditing purposes.

One of the main reasons companies opt for implementing an IAM solution, apart from automating identity lifecycle management, is due to compliance with IT and security regulations. This is especially true for companies in highly regulated business environments such as banking, insurance and government. By conducting interviews with our clients’ security officers and IT staff, we identified key challenges they are facing when meeting compliance regulations. Agitavit MIM Reporting & Attestation addresses those challenges.

What our customers say

»Using these tools we now easily manage user identities in line with the expectations and requirements of the regulators.«


Matjaž Batič Finžgar, Head of ICT infrastructure unit at UniCredit Bank Slovenia, d.d.

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