Enable Justification for all approval requests

Justification is a nice feature provided by recent MIM hotfix(es). As you may (or may not) know, it only works when you trigger "Join Group".

But what if you want to use this feature on all objects (e.g. when some authorization workflow is triggered on user object)?
Check the steps below:

  1. Create binding between Person object type and Justification attribute

2. Modify User Edit RCDC (I added Justification control to the summary grouping, so it is always displayed when any modification is made)

3. Because we cannot store data from [//Target/Justification] to [//Request/Justification] (via classic Function Evaluator), we will create a Custom Workflow which copies Justification from User to Request object (let me know if you need a more detailed process description, or if you know a better way).

4. Create Approval Workflow, which is triggered by required attribute (e.g. MobilePhone).
Read param. and store them in WF... is the name of Activity with the code above (I use it for some other things)

That's it. Now you can specify Justification on Summary screen:

And the provided value is copied to Justification attribute on Request object

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